Development Models

Agile Model

The agile development methods evolved from the old and well-known iterative and incremental life cycle approaches. Agile development is based on these principles:

  • Building working software that people can get hands on quickly.
  • Forming cross-functional teams empowered to make decisions.
  • Rapid iteration, with continuous customer input along the way.

By far the most popular agile method is Scrum. Scrum is an iterative, incremental
framework for projects and product or application development.

Scrum development inevitably involves learning, innovation, and surprises, emphasizes
taking a short step of development, inspecting both the resulting product and the efficacy of current practices, and then adapting the product goals and process practices.

Hidtechs’s team includes Certified Scum Masters and team members with all skill sets required for end-to-end execution of a project. Our Agile and SCRUM based development practices provide rapid delivery of working solutions and dynamic response to the competitive landscape of today’s business.

Waterfall Model

Waterfall model is the most common version of Software Development Life Cycle
(SDLC) for software development. It is called Waterfall as it defines a rigid and linear
development method where each phase is completed before the next one is started
and there is no loop back. It follows the principle of Doing things right the
first time & every time. Complete project execution is divided in to well defined
stages of analysis, design, development, testing & QA, release & user acceptance
followed by maintenance and support. A schedule is typically set with deadlines for
each stage of development at the start of the project. In theory, this model leads to the
project being delivered on time because each phase has been planned in detail.
Practically this model involves high risk as it does not embrace the inevitable
changes and revisions that become necessary with most of the projects. Once an
application is in the testing stage, it is very difficult to go back and change something that was not thought of in the analysis stage.

Hidtechs’s expertise and experience have helped our clients in clearly laying down their requirements in understandable format using advanced tools and managing project execution to ensure definite end results.

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