Mobile Application Development

Its time to think "Mobile First"
Today people want the same breadth and depth of content, no matter what device they're using. They want a consistent, reliable user experience. They don't want to interact with your site one way at their desks, then learn a whole new way when they're tablet-surfing on the couch, and then learn a third way when they're roaming around with their phones. This easily suggests that going mobile is the order of the day to stay upbeat with the market.

Significance of tablets
Forrester did a survey of retailers and found that, on average, about 20% of holiday mobile traffic came via tablets, with some retailers reporting that more than half their mobile traffic came via tablets. But most "mobile-optimized" sites look terrible on tablets. If I'm using a tablet, I've got a big shiny screen. I want to see pictures and rich content. Therefore its not enough to optimize the product for mobile + desktop, tablet is also an equal contributor when it comes to people using the web.

Mobile OS to target
As per the current trends it is pretty important that your content is available on all the common mobile devices OSes. Therefore it is a no brainer that whatever you build should work on an iphone as well as majority of android devices. You can check the latest stats for more analysis and strategies on how should you go about targeting devices. The details on these are present at

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