Technology Consulting

Offshore technical Services

Offshore Development is well established across the globe and organizations over the years have adopted a diverse mix of offshore development options. Though, there are still certain startups, enterprises and organizations that are apprehensive in doing business via offshore development or they have little or no knowledge offshoring their requirements that give them an advantage of factors like cost, wider pool of technical talent, quality, faster ramp-up of project teams and accelerated delivery and this is where Hidtechs kicks in. Our team would work with you to come up with the best solution for your offshore development needs

IT Solution for businesses

At times translating business objectives, needs and processes into IT solutions which bring value to the company is not always easy because organizations are not able to bridge the gap between the IT and business professionals. Business to IT alignment is important to achieve objectives like improved financial performance or marketplace competitiveness. Our technical architects and business analysts would work in collaboration with you to achieve these goals. The team at Hidtechs understands your IT processes and needs and helps you in converting these requirements into industrial strength applications.

Proof-of-Concept Design & Development

There are times when an organization is not sure of the benefits they might get from a specific IT solution, deployment or there is a need to evolve solution specifics based on organization buy in and feedback. In such cases we proceed by developing proof of concept/prototypes to test new ideas and utilize new technologies by comprehending client's needs, designing and visualizing the solution for client's better understanding. Proverb "The proof of pudding is in the eating" goes well here and to give the client an idea of the application we follow the proof-of-concept approach.

Offshore Staffing

There are certain IT initiatives where you may either not have right technical resources or there may be a need to increase number of resources in a project on temporary basis and this is where we pitch in. You do not have to worry about finding the right resource to staff your project rather you will focus on executing your project right as Hidtechs assists you in augmenting technical staff. We will work with you, identify the profile and the skill set needed for the specific role and provide you the right resources in time to fulfil your project positions.

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